Certification is a process where you obtain the necessary master knowledge and experience to train people in the sport segment. The end of study is necessarily confirmed by passing a test and a practical exam. To date, there are four states of certification in the sport segment. We suggest that you deal with each of them in more detail.

Entry level #1 – CrossFit Level One

Well, first of all you enter at the stage one certificate course. And it’s entry sage. There’s no conditions for such study. Is it that it’s a certificate course and not a certification? To obtain the first stage it’s 100% participation. Everything is scaled that everybody does. The workouts everybody participates in the group movements is very important. And you pass the 55 question written tests. It expires after five years and in five years you must reattend and retest and that’s how you keep your first stage real. What does that afford you? The opportunity to do it affords you the opportunity to train others using sport methods. Without annexing, you can’t use the CrossFit name in marketing. So you can say you’re a CrossFit Level One Coach or first CFL is the designation not certified. You’re not calling yourself certified implying you’re certified at all. Just CrossFit Level One.

Go further level #2 – CrossFit Stage Two

The Level Two certificate course was formerly the coach’s prep course. It’s essentially the same course. It was changed a little bit based on some feedback. It was already at like 65% of the course practical time. But what was done was we expanded some of the pre course reading material. Yeah, so it’s 75% just practicals at this course. It’s just gotten a name change. It’s the stage two study.
Trained trainers leave with a better sense of what are their strengths, what are their weaknesses, and for those weaknesses, actionable ways to really improve those weaknesses and it is displayed that they would they’re interested in developing the craft. Make your way through stage two and now there’s something new and exciting.

First certified #3 – Certified CrossFit trainer

Certification. First certification. So the certified CrossFit trainer CCF T is only a test, it’s a 160 question written exam. It’s administered at testing centers, all across the world on demand. So very different from anything that you’ve done before. And it also has conditions. Those are things you have to do in order to just be eligible to even take the exam. And the reason why it’s also level three is because it’s built on the first degree, the degree two, and then also you have an additional requirement of 750 coaching hours.

Top stage #4 – Certified CrossFit Coach

This degree is suitable for already experienced coaches who stayed in the sport segment for several years. The assessment itself is a half-day exam of a coach’s possibility to efficiently train both individual athletes and people in a group. Level 4 candidates are assessed in a variety of areas including coaching, coaching, and managing athletes. The overall assessment consists of two training sessions, which the candidate must conduct. The conclusion is given in writing on the basis of all results. Candidates who successfully pass the assessment earn the title of Certified CrossFit Coach.

The higher the stage, the higher the level of professionalism

As you can see, starting from the first degree and going up to the fourth stage, the trainers are becoming more and more professional, experienced and self-confident. The path to the fourth degree can take a long time, but it’s worth it if you really want to become a master in such a segment.