Keeping your body in good physical shape is the task of every person. If you are now in search of that set of exercises that is suitable for the whole body and which could be included in your existing workout program, then the Turkish Get-Up CrossFit technique is just for you.

The essence of the Turkish Get-Up CrossFit technique

This set of exercises includes physical activities in which you need to keep a free weight over your corse at the same time as rotation, using a series of certain movements. Such movements can serve as a lunge position standing, lying or sitting. An interesting point is that in this technique it is not always necessary to use additional weights. There are sets of exercises in which you could use your own body weight to complete tasks. Such a set of exercises will surely help you strengthen the whole corse and teach you endurance.

The most important advantages of using the Turkish Get-Up

Agree that if you regularly do a set of training, you will definitely get the desired result. So what result can be obtained if the Turkish Get-Up CrossFit is applied?

  • Strengthening the muscles of the whole corse – such a set of exercises involves the main muscles, including the legs, arms, back of the abdomen and neck. This is a great way to keep the whole body in good shape at once.
  • Core training – during the performance of various circular physical exercises, the body is always involved. In different positions, you change the position of the corse, which means that it trains all the strength.
  • Improving your posture – in almost all sports that involve the upper corse muscles, it is customary to talk about improving posture with regular exercise.
  • Emphasis on the muscles of the lower body – in the technique of the Turkish Get-Up, a lot of exercises are devoted to the muscles of the thigh during the transition to different positions of the corse. Thus, when lunging, tilting and jumping, the thigh muscle is very strongly involved and, accordingly, they develop.

How to start the Turkish Get-Up CrossFit technique

In order to perfectly perform all the CrossFit training, you need to start small. For example, you can do two or three sets of a couple of reps on each side of your corse. It is imperative to monitor the state of your health and body in all approaches so as not to overload your muscles. The first exercise is advised to be done on the upper corse, as it gets tired faster. You could continue training with the transition to the muscles of the lower body.

Tips for Avoiding Mistakes Three Doing Exercises

As in any sports discipline, if the task is performed incorrectly, important parts of the corse can be damaged. That is why it is necessary to know what mistakes it is possible to make in order to be able to prevent them in CrossFit.
First of all, you must never relax and keep them always in tension – this will allow your body not to relax. At the same time, always watch your posture so as not to injure your spine. Try to move slowly and not make sudden movements – there is definitely no hurry here, especially in the initial stages.

Do not forget that if you have had health problems or injuries in the past, you should consult your doctor before starting training. Such a responsible step is necessary to ensure your safety and the effectiveness of your training.
Do not forget that you need to choose the right weight so as not to overload yourself and not get injured. Don’t take too little rice, as the muscles won’t get enough training and grow.