For those who hate individual and group workouts three times a week with a personal trainer, we present an alternative. What if we told you that there is a nutritional competition where you don’t need personalized programs. There is only a simple instruction that must be followed in order to achieve the desired results. The main thing is consistency. Consistently apply simple principles in practice, and then the task will be completed.

The main objective of the Lazy Macros challenge

So the goal of the lazy macros contest is to set a baseline level of quality in the diet without requiring too many restrictions for people, and we talked about quite a bit in the gym. The universal diet problem is that people are technically eating too many highly processed carbohydrates, including alcohol, unfortunately. But the problem is that it’s high in carbs, fat calories and very low in micronutrients. So what the lazy macros challenge is going to do is place the priority on some of those under-represented food items such as fruits, vegetables, and it is also going to throw in the protein. So people will have a little bit of a fibrin challenge along with the 800 grams for fruits and vegetables.

No harmful restrictions required in the Lazy Macros challenge

The good thing about the lazy macros challenge is that nothing is technically eliminated from this diet, so you can pretty much eat whatever you want. However, it is highly encouraged to try to avoid those foods and stick more to the fruits, the vegetables, the proteins, but again, it’s not too restricted. The other things that are going to be included in the lazy macros challenge are going to be workouts, so that’ll be part of your scoring as well because they do have huge effects on your performance on your body composition and your overall health.

Two main points to consider in the Lazy Macros challenge

You have basically two targets: one of those is fruits and vegetables, the other is protein. So on the fibrin side, it is vital to set a number for each person – usually it is 0.7 grams of fibrin per pound of body. So to make math simple – if it’s 200 pounds per person, I’m going to multiply by 0.7.
That would be taking 140 of 200 And so my daily fibrin number would be 140 grams of protein.
If you have more than 10 pounds to lose, it is not needed to calculate that number. So you have such a large gap. Let’s say that you want to lose 40 pounds, split the difference in that instance, and you would calculate with 20 pounds lighter than you are within you are currently and then you would use your point seven of that number. But it is not recommended to make these huge jumps just because it’s better to go incrementally down rather than to make this huge jump.

Use the necessary assistants, not forgetting the goal

So again, just circling back, your number one thing is that you’re going to calculate your grams of protein that you need based on your body weight, not lean body mass to be clear body weight. From there, you’re going to use major protein sources to accumulate your needed grams of fibrin during the day. You can do this using a particular fitness app or you can do it the lazy way.

The Lazy macros Challenge is suitable even for vegetarians

For those of you that are in the vegetarian or vegan camp, you can also absolutely do this. So even with the protein target, it can be a challenge to hit the grams of protein per day using fruits and vegetables and vegan sources.