Reasons for the great popularity and fame of CrossFit in Ireland

If you have ever wondered what a healthy lifestyle is, then you have probably heard about such a sports discipline as crossfit. Moreover, if you are a gym lover, you have definitely seen CrossFit zones there. But have you ever wondered why this kind of sport is gaining wide popularity all over the world and what it can give athletes in the end?
The motto of crossfit sports discipline is: game, mission and life. Judging by this slogan, this discipline promotes uniform and physical growth and development, endurance and patience training, as well as preparation for any daily unforeseen load.

Historical background to the emergence of crossfit as a sport

Translated from English, CrossFit stands for two words – cross and fitness. Various exercises intersect here in circular programs that contribute to the development of all muscle groups at the same time. He also called it functional all-around – this term also has similar meanings.
The very first CrossFit project was created in 1996 in America, it was put into practice already in 2000. In California, the first functional gym for circuit training was created, and in 2014 there were already more than 9,000 such halls. The sport came to Ireland around 2006 and now there are more than 50 professional CrossFit gyms in this country.

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Oddly enough, crossfit sports discipline was invented by accident, since at first it was considered one of the options for a personal training program for one of the athletes who wanted to achieve fat burning and generally improve their physical condition. When he was initially presented with this program, he did not like it at all and his coach was immediately fired for a dissatisfied client. But it was this coach who did not change his dream, and continued to move towards the development of circuit training, and then became the main founder of this sports discipline. This man’s name is Greg Glassman.

The specifics of the sports direction crossfit

This sport is inherently a combination of physical exercises that are combined into one circular workout. Such a system is repeated and the athlete must go through 3-4 rounds of such exercises within the framework of one training session. The exercises are completely diverse, but they are selected with such a goal that at the same time the athlete develops endurance, strength, endurance and patience. The crossfit training system may include elements of gymnastics and cardio loads, as well as the use of different weights: from your own weight to barbells and heavy dumbbells.

Insufficient sports ambitions of the Irish as an advantage

Very often there is a subjective opinion that the inhabitants of Ireland are low active in sports, that they are characterized by a high degree of laziness and only like to relax. Such an opinion is not always fair, but if it appeared, then somewhere it had a place to be. The advantage of crossfit in Ireland is that this type of training is completely universal and everyone could do it: men and women, people of different weight and age groups. The biggest distinguishing feature of Crossfade is the intensity: if an athlete wants to push harder, they increase the intensity. It was this fact that led 15 years ago to the beginning of the popularity of these trainings in Ireland.
The high effectiveness of CrossFit exercises is positively perceived in Ireland
As we have already said that CrossFit classes train not only the physical condition, but also form endurance. Moreover, such workouts are not repeated every day, which means they cannot get bored or too tiring. The Irish have chosen this type of training due to the fact that they last an average of 20 – 50 minutes, but during this time the athlete manages to get the necessary complex load on all muscles. Moreover, not all Irish people like to go to the gym, and in the case of circuit training, they could also go outside using improvised means. The main thing in crossfit is not the place where the circular loads are carried out, but the intensity and correctness of the performance.

The opportunity to make new friends in the process of training attracts

CrossFit itself can be called a team sport, as you as a team do your workout in a circle. This discipline could also be called a certain sports community. We assure you that after the first training you will begin to understand the meaning of special terms. But when team training and tasks begin, then the first friendship will begin: a joint search for the necessary equipment, understanding each other’s fatigue after training, finding common interests in the process of circular exercises – all this contributes to the development of friendly relations among companions. And as we all know, Ireland is a very friendly country, and the Irish are very fond of meeting and getting to know more and more new people.

CrossFit is a Great Diet Alternative for Irish people

Women and girls are always interested and will be interested in various ways to lose weight. CrossFit in this regard is considered a new generation technique with which you can lose weight well. This goal was originally considered a key to the development of circuit training and programs, and today they are considered one of the most effective ways to lose weight and shape a beautiful figure. As we know in Ireland, people monitor their diet and lifestyle, which means they will be conscious about their workouts and not abuse junk food. Thus, the desired result can be achieved as quickly as possible if the Irishman combines diet and physical activity.