Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Dial in your fitness by way of wholesome, fuel-focused nutrition. We’ve created a fine-tuned nutrition program, powered by Working Against Gravity, to ensure that every minute you spend in the gym pays off — mentally and physically. Our nutrition coach will work with you to help you turn your sweat sessions into the results you’re after. 


How Does it Work?

This program pairs you with a nutrition coach from our gym who has been screened, trained and certified to teach you the ins and outs of meal prepping, weighing, tracking and more. Your coach understands that every physical body is different. They listen, adjust and help you learn how to make sense of your own anatomy and relationship with food. Because no two bodies are the same.


“Before I started with Beyond Nutrition, I would have said that I knew a lot about food and nutrition. I have taken part in several nutrition challenges in CFWD and they educated me and I picked up good habits along the way but still I wasn’t happy with my weight and it took up a lot of time and energy.

What I find with Beyond Nutrition is that it has the same fantastic community feel as CFWD – we’re in this together. For me, that’s meant I’ve got a more workable approach, making tweaks and substitutions for what I would normally eat rather than wholesale changes which I can’t maintain long term. Our zoom call where we made mcmuffins and the Beyond Nutrition facebook posts have kept top of my mind that food is fun (as well as fuel for training obviously!) There’s pride and satisfaction in making and sharing meals with family and friends, that fit within my macros and support my goals.

Working Against Gravity means that once a week you ‘check-in’ with your coach. To do that, first you have to ‘check in’ with yourself and consider how you got on that week, assessing much more than the number on the scale or how you look – how your food choices made you feel (and how that influenced other issues). Then you get your coach’s feedback and Scot’s coaching has opened up different perspectives, given me new information to consider and generally given me helpful little nudges along the way. Scot has had an amazing personal journey which is an inspiration in itself. He is passionate about food, CrossFit, performance and people. It’s motivating to be coached by a person who so actively practices continuous development.

Thanks to Beyond Nutrition, I’m delighted with the progress I’ve made in body composition and importantly, I’m not looking to an ‘end’ date. When I made the choice to spread my Easter egg out over two weeks I knew anything was possible.”

Yvonne Jones “Beyond Nutrition Client”


Meet Scot Heyes – “Beyond Nutrition” Founder

The picture on the left is over 10 years ago on Lake Mead, in Las Vegas, this is the picture I generally refer to remind myself of how far I have come, in my journey.

I am healthier now, than I think I have ever been, I am also happier now than I was in the past. I did have happy moments, but generally I am a happier person now, than I was then. Those who know me, can testify to this.

Is the happiness and health related? I think so, how I look is secondary to how I feel. More activity and a balanced diet have led me to where I am today. This, along with surrounding myself with people who push and challenge me to be better, not just in the gym but in life too.

Happiness and Health may start on the plate, but true happiness goes Beyond the Plate. Effectively managing stress, planning time, getting enough sleep, practicing self-love, taking time to do nothing, self-reflection and much more play a part in self nourishment Beyond the Plate.

 Fill Out the Questionnaire

Answer a few questions so we can get to know you.

Meet Your Coach

Beyond Nutrition Coaches Scot or Lorna will be there to guide you through every step. After all, they were once in your shoes, too!

Meet Mary Quinn – “Beyond Nutrition” Client

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I started with Beyond Nutrition last December. My goal at the time was to dial in my nutrition to support my performance goals in the gym. However, since then I have been reaping the benefits of working with my Coach (Scot) at Beyond Nutrition across many more areas of my life. Beyond Nutrition and Scot have been a constant source of support and guidance in helping me to achieve goals both in and outside of the gym.

I achieved my ultimate goal of completing a strict muscle up on the rings, something I have wanted for a couple of years now and something I was able to achieve in under 2 months training at CrossFit West Dublin and working with Beyond Nutrition. My overall strength is continuing to improve as I gradually increase my muscle mass and my capacity to perform gymnastic style movements in conditioning workouts such as pull ups, push ups, ring dips, toes to bar etc. These have all greatly improved which was another one of my goals at the beginning of the year.

What started out as me trying to structure my nutrition in a way that would support my performance goals has trickled into many other areas of my life in a positive manner too. The quality of my sleep has improved, my energy levels and my general mood have also both gone up and as someone who has always suffered with acne since my teens, the quality and texture of my skin has also greatly improved, something I was not expecting at all.

Due to the inclusive and flexible nature of Beyond Nutrition my relationship with food has been strengthened and enhanced. Understanding that consistency is a much better tool for success rather than perfection has been crucial for me in believing in my ability to succeed on this journey. I am enjoying the experience of working with Scot and Beyond Nutrition so much more than I could have ever imagined. I look forward each week to my weekly check in where I can reflect on the week gone by and look to the week ahead excited about what each day will bring, what experiences I can learn from and what successes I will be able to achieve.
My confidence is at an all-time high as I continue to experience progress in ways I never thought I could and while I am looking forward to where I am going I am also ensuring I am appreciating every part of this journey along the way.
Mary Quinn “Beyond Nutrition”


Set your goals

Then your coach will tell you how many grams of protein, fats, and carbs you need to consume daily to reach them. If tracking is new to you, don’t stress! Your coach will work with you to determine where to start with your nutrition and guide you along the way.

Keep Track

Chart your progress in one central web app that logs your weight, macronutrients, measurements, milestones, photos and more.

Gain a Support Group

Stay accountable with weekly one-on-one check-ins and unlock access to our members-only Facebook page.

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What to Expect

  • Learn how to track your food and use tracking apps
  • Learn what your body needs in order to feel and perform at its best
  • Gain an understanding of serving sizes, quality and nutritional composition of your favorite dishes
  • Establish habits and routines
  • Learn about yourself and your tendencies with food – emotions, triggers, cravings, etc
  • Develop a positive relationship with food
  • Experience first-hand the importance of consistency to see the best possible results
  • Work through the initial discomfort of tracking your food, eating at restaurants and dealing with peer pressure

*Results may vary. Following your coach’s guidelines is required for best results.


Experience the benefits of one-on-one nutrition coaching, with one of our coaches who has passed the entire WAG Coaching Course. He or she will work with you to develop a plan to reach your goals. And, by the “end,” you’ll become the expert. It’s an investment worth making in your health — one that buys earned results. 

One-on-One Support

$55 Per month for CFWD Members until January 2021 /$100 Per Month for NON -Members

  • Weekly online check-ins with your coach
  • Guaranteed 24/hr response time 
  • Access to members-only Facebook Group
  • Online nutrition portal inside our web app, Seismic
  • Knowledge Base full of exclusive macro-counting education
  • The same nutrition program that’s helped over 15,000 people reach their health and fitness goals!

Why Beyond Nutrition with WAG?

Simple. This is the nutrition program that’s trusted by the pros. CrossFit champions, Olympians and professional athletes across many different sports are among some of WAG’s loyal members. If it’s worked for them, then it’ll work for you. Stick with it and you’ll see results like the 15,000 others who have changed their lives with this program. Don’t just take our word for it…

Merissa Maiorano

“This program was life-altering. My goal was body compositional change to support the goal of competitive CrossFit. I am currently 11 lbs down!

Before WAG, I had come to accept that how I looked, how I felt in my skin and how I performed was just how it is. That I had reached, what was in my mind, the naturally pre-determined and unsatisfying state of ‘as good as it gets.’ This state of mind was really just an acknowledgment of my own powerlessness over my health. 

This program offered education in an area where I felt overwhelmed and empowerment where I felt powerless. My coach and WAG’s philosophy gave me a new set of skills. Spending the last 6 months honing those skills with their support has built my confidence and forever changed my perspective on eating for performance, and health in general.” 

– Merissa Maiorano

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