How to Join

If you are a complete newbie to CrossFit you will start with our Beginners Passport Program.


The CrossFit Passport is part of our New Induction Program.

We have two Beginner Passport options –

1 – The Gold Passport Package 

CrossFit is about more than what you do inside the gym and our ‘gold’ passport option reflects that!

With this upgraded passport, we’ll assess your lifestyle, fitness and nutrition and provide you with a full InBody (see link below) scan to understand your starting point. We’ll work with you to devise goals to improve your overall fitness by making small but sustainable changes to your lifestyle and nutrition and of course, introduce you to the nine fundamental CrossFit movements that form the basis of our workouts.


InBody Scan

Lifestyle Assessment

Goal Setting

3 one-to-one sessions

5 free classes

*Coaches Choice*

“We highly recommend this upgraded option – we’ve seen that members who work on creating good lifestyle and nutrition habits from the outset, achieve far more success both inside and outside the gym than those who don’t”.

What is InBody?

The cost for this Package is €210.00

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2 – The Silver Passport Package

If you feel you are not ready to take on the full lifestyle change just yet, you can still book in for our Silver Passport option.

What included -;

3 one to one sessions

3 Free classes

The cost for this package is €160.00

Each one to one session will last 1 hour on the Silver package. If you opt for the Gold Passport your first session will be 1.30 hours.

In these sessions we will assess your fitness and mobility levels. We will also introduce you to the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit. It also gives us a chance to have a chat about what you want to achieve with your time here.


After your 3 private sessions you will also have 3 classes that you can use and you will be able to enter into the main CrossFit Classes.

This Passport will give you access to any Class throughout the week. This is a Passport of 5 Classes in total, with the option to join the Gym at the end of these Classes when your Passport has ended.

Incorporating this flexibility and ability to join the Main Class will make accessibility easier. You will get exposure to our supportive community at times that suit you best.

At CrossFit West Dublin we make it our primary focus to help you improve on who you are now. At CrossFit West Dublin, we don’t try to sell you the “new you” instead we help you to be the best you that you can be. That’s because we recognise that what makes you special is that only you.. are you. This is what makes you unique and special. This Passport is the start of a journey, one that will expand and build on all the strengths you have now and help you develop and find new strengths, you never knew you had!

The CrossFit methodology is only part of what we do here at CrossFit West Dublin . This exercise regime will develop you physically making you more mobile, helping you get stronger (not bigger) and improve your overall fitness.


€160.00 for 3 one on one ( or small group ) sessions  and 3 classes to be taken within 1 month.

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Experienced CrossFitter

If you have been a member of a CrossFit box for 6 months or more , you can choose one of our membership options below.

Before you join the main classes you will be booked in for a fitness and mobility assessment.


Please find below our monthly membership options.


€110.00 per month

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€140.00 Euro per month

Join Unlimited Now

Full Time Student Membership

Unlimited Classes

€90.00 Euro

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N.B. These are month to month contracts. You must give 30 days notice before you cancel.  We do not issue refunds on memberships.
If cancellation is less then 30 days 1 more month will be taken from your account.

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