New Full August Class Timetable

Hey Everyone, It has been a crazy few months and you have been very patient through our soft opening over the last few weeks. We are delighted to bring you back our full class schedule in August. With the return of our Gymnastics Class with Ciara twice a week and an added strength class with Coach Scot. Open gym will also be making a come back. Check out the new Timetable below – Please note the following classes will also […]

The 21/7 Habits Challenge

THE 21/7 HABITS CHALLENGE   Start Date – Monday July 13th How much – €21.00 Who can take part? – Everyone and Anyone What is included? – Online Zoom classes with CrossFit West Dublin. Access to a private members page to keep you motivated. 3 group Zoom calls with Beyond Nutrition Coaches Scot Heyes & Mary Quinn. Access to a private 21/7 Habits track on Sugarwod Prize for the most points wins – 1 months FREE one to one Nutrition […]

Zoom Class Schedule

Monday 6.30 am – CrossFit 6. 00pm – CrossFit Tuesday 6.30 am – CrossFit 12.00 pm – Pilates 6.00 pm – CrossFit Wednesday – 6.30 am – CrossFit 6.00 pm – CrossFit Thursday 12.00 pm Yoga with Janis Friday 6.30 am – CrossFit 12.00 pm – CrossFit Saturday 10 am – Hero workout Sunday 10 am – CrossFit 11 am – Mobility Flow with Coach Scot

CFWD create the recipe , you make the cake!!!

Meet Ho, Ho has been a member at CFWD since the 8th of  November 2018 and in that year Ho has made fantastic Progress in his time at CFWD. Check out what Ho has to say about his 14 months at CFWD !!!   Before trying CrossFit I had tried nearly everything else running, cycling, gym programmes, boot camps, Keto diet, aitkins, low carb and most things in between to no sustained improvement in my physical or mental health.   […]

Top Tips on how to stay on top of your health while working from home!!

Routine is the enemy in the sport of CrossFit, but in our everyday life routine is where find comfort and is what keeps us sane. Many of us are left out of our normal routine right now. It can feel strange, weird and a little scary. Almost like being in a new place for the first time, nothing is like it was two weeks ago, and we have to find a new routine, we have to adapt to the new normal. […]

CrossFit at any age

Meet Con Maloney. Con has been a member at CFWD for over 2 years. Age is definitely just a number where Con is concerned. Con is 62 years old , rocks an L-sit better then most and his Toes to Bar are second to none. When Con first heard about CrossFit, he thought it was just for the young , fit people, ( His words , not mine )  but now the young people are trying to keep up with […]

The CFWD Breakfast Club

  As you all know at CFWD we are a Nutrition First gym !!! We love our food and we love our community, so when those things are combined it is an amazing experience!!! So in December 2018 Coach Scot had an idea of the breakfast club!!!  It was a great idea (don’t  tell him I said that lol) This is Coach Scot , taking on the first breakfast club in September 2018. So what is The Breakfast Club ? […]

Meet Sean Lacey !!!

Sean has been a member at CFWD since August 2013. Sean is the our longest running member to date !!!! He is Awesome. Sean is like part of the furniture at CFWD and he is sorely missed when he is not at class. Sean is so supportive of everyone in the gym and always makes a massive effort to make our newer members feel welcome or offer them advice . It is because of our long time members like Sean […]


In a few days we are not only entering into a Brand New Year , we are entering into a Brand New Decade!!! How AWESOME is that ??? At CFWD we think this deserves a celebration!!!   We love you guys at CFWD and as one of our amazing members , we would like to invite you to an afternoon of celebrating all your achievements in 2019 and help you plan for so you can get the best out of […]

The Lazy Macros Nutritional Challenge

Make 2020 be the year you finally get your Nutrition right. Sign up for our January Nutrition Challenge today. WHAT IS IT? The lazy Macros challenge focuses on eating unrepresented foods in most diets : fruits, veggies and protein. But you can still eat all the other foods you want. No Foods are eliminated. It combines the #800gChallenge® (800 grams (by weight) of fruits and/or vegetables), and then a healthy amount of protein per day So why 800g? It’s associated with increased health and […]

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