Is Scaling just for Beginners?

If you had never skied before, how likely would you be to throw yourself down a black slope on day one of ski school? Similarly, if you had never run before, would you even contemplate competing in a 10,000m one-on-one race against Mo Farah? The answer to both of these questions is most probably going to be no and for very good reason! In fact, you probably wouldn’t go anywhere near the black slopes until you were manoeuvring around the […]

Ever thought about ‘dropping in’ to other boxes while on holiday?

Considering Summer is fast approaching and many of our members will be making our growing CrossFit West Dublin community envious with their adventures over the Summer, it’s high time we start talking about visiting or ‘dropping in’ to other CrossFit affiliates during your travels – whether that takes you to one of the corners of our Emerald Isle or indeed further afield. Did you know that there are more than 13,000 affiliates in over 120 countries worldwide? So there is […]

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