Meet Rachana Pancholi

Meet Rachana Pancholi

Rach is a big part of the CFWD Community , yet she has never stepped foot in our gym. Rachana joined our online classes during lockdown 1.0 and has continued to be part of the community to this day. Every morning without fail Rach is on line at the 6.30 am class. We know she will be signed first. Rach has taken part in every challenge and every event we have held since May 2020. We are proud to say […]

Beyond Nutrition Graduate – Alison King

Congrats Alison !!!! . We would like to Congratulate¬†Alison King on graduating from the Beyond Nutrition program. Alison has worked hard for the last 8 months to build habits into her life that supports her weight loss goals. Alison has made the decision¬†to go it alone. This is the goal we would like for all our clients. As much as we love checking in with you each week our goal for you is to guide you and help you train […]

Kayte’s journey with Beyond Nutrition

Meet Kayte, Kayte has been a member of Beyond Nutrition for nearly 6 months now. Katye’s dedication to the process has been absolutely incredible . Kayte makes a goal and does everything in her power to make this goal happen.¬† Kayte, thank you for the lovely words below about your experience with Beyond Nutrition. It was YOU who put in all the hard work to achieve your goals. Coaching is a two way street and it is a pleasure to […]

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