Meet Scot Heyes – Beyond Nutrition Founder

Meet Scot Heyes – Beyond Nutrition Founder


The picture on the left is over 10 years ago on Lake Mead, in Las Vegas, this is the picture I generally refer to remind myself of how far I have come, in my journey.

I am healthier now, than I think I have ever been, I am also happier now than I was in the past. I did have happy moments, but generally I am a happier person now, than I was then. Those who know me, can testify to this.

Is the happiness and health related? I think so, how I look is secondary to how I feel. More activity and a balanced diet have led me to where I am today. This, along with surrounding myself with people who push and challenge me to be better, not just in the gym but in life too.

Happiness and Health may start on the plate, but true happiness goes Beyond the Plate. Effectively managing stress, planning time, getting enough sleep, practicing self-love, taking time to do nothing, self-reflection and much more play a part in self nourishment Beyond the Plate.

Beyond Nutrition offer One to One Nutrition Coaching, that focuses, both on and off the Plate. If you are interested in signing up to work with one of the Beyond Nutrition Coaches, you can sign up here –

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