Beyond Nutrition Testimonial – Yvonne

Beyond Nutrition Testimonial – Yvonne

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“Before I started with Beyond Nutrition, I would have said that I knew a lot about food and nutrition. I have taken part in several nutrition challenges in CFWD and they educated me and I picked up good habits along the way but still I wasn’t happy with my weight and it took up a lot of time and energy.

What I find with Beyond Nutrition is that it has the same fantastic community feel as CFWD – we’re in this together. For me, that’s meant I’ve got a more workable approach, making tweaks and substitutions for what I would normally eat rather than wholesale changes which I can’t maintain long term. Our zoom call where we made mcmuffins and the Beyond Nutrition facebook posts have kept top of my mind that food is fun (as well as fuel for training obviously!) There’s pride and satisfaction in making and sharing meals with family and friends, that fit within my macros and support my goals.

Working Against Gravity means that once a week you ‘check-in’ with your coach. To do that, first you have to ‘check in’ with yourself and consider how you got on that week, assessing much more than the number on the scale or how you look – how your food choices made you feel (and how that influenced other issues). Then you get your coach’s feedback and Scot’s coaching has opened up different perspectives, given me new information to consider and generally given me helpful little nudges along the way. Scot has had an amazing personal journey which is an inspiration in itself. He is passionate about food, CrossFit, performance and people. It’s motivating to be coached by a person who so actively practices continuous development.

Thanks to Beyond Nutrition, I’m delighted with the progress I’ve made in body composition and importantly, I’m not looking to an ‘end’ date. When I made the choice to spread my Easter egg out over two weeks I knew anything was possible.”

Yvonne Jones

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