Beyond Nutrition Testimonial – Ken

Beyond Nutrition Testimonial – Ken


I started with Beyond Nutrition last December, the primary reason I decided to try it, is that I see it as an investment in me and I have struggled with consistency in my nutrition I have found it quite a challenge and difficult at times.

Since starting, I have become more consistent in tracking macros and developed a better understanding of how certain foods can affect me in different ways.

Macro guidelines being assigned helps, it takes the guesswork out of it for me and having the guidance of my coach has been extremely useful. I wasn’t eating enough, so initially, eating more did not make sense to me. However, trusting my Coach, I do feel that my body is performing better since the increase, and take comfort and reassurance that my Macros can and will change through the process.

Having someone to be accountable to during the weekly Check In has been very insightful and useful. However, I realize now that I am only accountable to myself. Planning my meals ahead of time and knowing that there isn’t any food that I can’t have has made it easier to stay on track.

There are social occasions where this is not possible, but I am also getting more confident in gauging macros by sight and most importantly if I do make a less than optimal choice, its not the end of the world.

The Weekly Check In’s are great as although the scale weight isn’t moving as quickly as I thought it would, I am noticing the difference in clothes fitting better and have had a few people comment, that I am looking leaner.

Comments, feedback and direction from the coach is helpful and always beneficial, we also review other markers of health and progress and I am getting used to recognising these. Monitoring Stress levels, Water intake, Sleep Quality, Focus, Mood, Energy and Hunger Levels etc have helped me realize that it is not all about nutrition alone.

Overall it is a very positive experience, I’m in it for the long haul and trust the coach and the Beyond Nutrition process.

Ken Wilson

Beyond Nutrition Client

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