Beyond Nutrition Coach Lorna

Beyond Nutrition Coach Lorna

Lorna  coach

My name is Lorna, I am a Wife to a wonderful man called Scot. We run Beyond Nutrition together and we are a great team ( most of the time 😉 ) lol


I am Mother to a wonderful daughter called Katie and Step Mom to the lovely Lucie and the awesome Scott Jnr.


Our awesome dog Rogue makes me smile every day. Walking with Rogue every day gives me the head space I need to be my best me for our busy lives.

Katie and Rogue

I am also a total CrossFit Nerd.

I love and am passionate about helping people achieve their goals through fitness and food, and I have worked with and helped many people over my 15 years in the wellness business and more so during the last 10 years as the head coach and owner of CrossFit West Dublin ,which was established in 2011.

The road has not always been easy for me and the first half of my life, does not resemble the life I lead now.

In my early twenties I tipped the scales at a whopping 238 lbs ( 17 stone ) , When I sat down one day and my belly sat on my thighs , I was like , hell no this is not happening and I joined weight watchers that very day.

Through making small, gradual changes to my diet and adding exercise to my day, not crazy exercise, just walking 30 minutes, slowly building to going to a gym and attending classes, I managed to get my weight down to 126 lbs (9 stone).

To cut an exceptionally long story short, eating healthy and moving my body helped me lose weight and feel great. These were my goals. Through working hard on creating healthier habits I have managed to keep the weight off and I am now 43!!

My goals now are to help as many people as possible to achieve their goals, whether that be lose weight, gain muscle, have a better relationship with food. I will be here for you, to guide you towards a healthier life.

Interested in One to One Nutrition Coaching with Me :) ?

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