Beyond Nutrition Coach Lorna

Beyond Nutrition Coach Lorna

My name is Lorna, I am a Wife to a wonderful man called Scot. We run Beyond Nutrition together and we are a great team ( most of the time 😉 ) lol I am Mother to a wonderful daughter called Katie and Step Mom to the lovely Lucie and the awesome Scott Jnr. Our awesome dog Rogue makes me smile every day. Walking with Rogue every day gives me the head space I need to be my best me […]

Beyond Nutrition Testimonial – Ken

I started with Beyond Nutrition last December, the primary reason I decided to try it, is that I see it as an investment in me and I have struggled with consistency in my nutrition I have found it quite a challenge and difficult at times. Since starting, I have become more consistent in tracking macros and developed a better understanding of how certain foods can affect me in different ways. Macro guidelines being assigned helps, it takes the guesswork out […]

Meet Scot Heyes – Beyond Nutrition Founder

The picture on the left is over 10 years ago on Lake Mead, in Las Vegas, this is the picture I generally refer to remind myself of how far I have come, in my journey. I am healthier now, than I think I have ever been, I am also happier now than I was in the past. I did have happy moments, but generally I am a happier person now, than I was then. Those who know me, can testify […]

Beyond Nutrition Testimonial – Mary

  I started with Beyond Nutrition last December. My goal at the time was to dial in my nutrition to support my performance goals in the gym. However, since then I have been reaping the benefits of working with my Coach (Scot) at Beyond Nutrition across many more areas of my life. Beyond Nutrition and Scot have been a constant source of support and guidance in helping me to achieve goals both in and outside of the gym. I achieved […]

Beyond Nutrition Testimonial – Yvonne

“Before I started with Beyond Nutrition, I would have said that I knew a lot about food and nutrition. I have taken part in several nutrition challenges in CFWD and they educated me and I picked up good habits along the way but still I wasn’t happy with my weight and it took up a lot of time and energy. What I find with Beyond Nutrition is that it has the same fantastic community feel as CFWD – we’re in […]

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