CFWD create the recipe , you make the cake!!!

CFWD create the recipe , you make the cake!!!

Meet Ho,

Ho has been a member at CFWD since the 8th of  November 2018 and in that year Ho has made fantastic Progress in his time at CFWD.

Check out what Ho has to say about his 14 months at CFWD !!!


ho before

Before trying CrossFit I had tried nearly everything else running, cycling, gym programmes, boot camps, Keto diet, aitkins, low carb and most things in between to no sustained improvement in my physical or mental health.


I was apprehensive about joint a CrossFit box, all these super fit and healthy people, will I slow people down? or will people laugh at my fitness & body….Categorically not! CFWD from the very first email and WoD were so welcoming and encouraging just wish I had the courage to try it earlier.


The inclusive community spirit is amazing!!!!


Goals wise I’ve learnt that often it’s more mental than physical.. I can’t do, I’ve never done, I’m not good at… etc.

ho first bar mUSCLE UP

“This is Ho achieving his first ever Bar Muscle up in December”

FWD hasn’t just given me a physical programme to follow but also a nutrition plan and support structure that has been central  to losing 16.9kg in weight, Body fat down from 33% to 18%. Muscle mass up and visceral fat down from 16 to 7.

These new sustainable habits that I have gained from the 800gm nutrition challenge have changed the way I view food and nutrition, I’m not talking about big unsustainable shocks to the system more the accumulation of lots of small changes that add up. After the 800g nutrition challenge I joined the Whole life foundation challenge which really helped me from as it says a whole Life perspective, mental well-being, sleep, reflection, goal setting and building more healthy nutrition habits.

I haven’t kept to them all since and not everything will suit different people what great about both these challenges it allows you to choose the ones you can follow and work for you and the results are amazing

Head coach Lorna really summed it best to me: The coaches create the recipe, but you bake the cake! I’m very appreciative of the coaches and CFWD for everything and also very happy with my progress so far!

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