Top Tips on how to stay on top of your health while working from home!!

Top Tips on how to stay on top of your health while working from home!!

Routine is the enemy in the sport of CrossFit, but in our everyday life routine is where find comfort and is what keeps us sane. Many of us are left out of our normal routine right now. It can feel strange, weird and a little scary. Almost like being in a new place for the first time, nothing is like it was two weeks ago, and we have to find a new routine, we have to adapt to the new normal.


We are here to help you.


Hands up who is working from home, or even spending more time at home, as we become aware of social distancing? EVERYONE!


Working from home can give you more time to work on your fitness and your nutrition right? Think again!


At home we have more choice, more choice can mean more grazing as we tend to procrastinate and get bored, less water and because the gyms are closed and you are sweating less or you are housebound with no Gym to go to and no purpose to Train. If you have kids and they are also off for a few weeks, it will be a bit crazy, but you got this guys and we got you!

Top Tips for staying on top of your Physical and Mental Health while working and staying at home! 

Create a schedule 

Have set “HARD STOP” in your calendar for times when you start work, take your lunch and when you finish work. This can help when you get into another routine when you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Schedule your Beyond Fitness Workout as you would if you were going to the gym, try to keep this to the time you would have normally attended a class at the gym. If the kids are with you , even better get them involved. The workout does not have to be exactly as it is on Sugarwod. Make it fun, as long as you are moving it is all good.


Scheduling this also means that you are keeping your physical and mental health a priority. Just because you work from home does not mean that you don’t get a break, as you can always find something else that needs to be done.


Be Prepared – 

Make sure your fridge is stocked with healthy, whole foods. how-to-prevent-a-cold-eat-lots-of-brightly-coloured-fruit-veg

You may have a little extra time, as you will not be doing what was the usual commute to the gym. Use this extra time to do some extra Food Prep for the week, or take 10 Mins to be Mindful, links to 5 and 10 Min Mindfulness Sessions coming soon, hosted by Lorna Heyes and Dr Scotty Heyes (Scots Mum, and Consultant Clinical Psychologist).

If you are new to prepping your food , check out this blog from our Nutrition Partner “Working Against Gravity” The more prepared you are the less you find yourself grazing or even worse FORGET TO EAT !!!!! (This never happens to me)

Stay Hydrated –


That 2 litre bottle of water that you usually have at your desk at work, let’s put that beside our work area at home over the next few weeks. Set an alarm on your phone that reminds you to drink your water.


Our first Beyond Nutrition Goal this week will be to drink two glasses of water with every meal. Use #BeyondGoal to share your water pics!!!


Create a sleep schedule 


Have a time when you go to bed, start your wind down 1 Hours to 30 Mins before bed, turn of screens, read a book, have a bath, do nothing and set the alarm for the time you have to get up. To do you Beyond Fitness WOD for the day!!!


You gotta get those zzzz’s in guys. We are still running our March habit of tracking sleep. Sleep is king and it is FREE !!!!  In an ideal world you should be aiming for between 7 – 8 hours of sleep.Sometimes all you need is a good night’s sleep, and everything looks a lot brighter in the morning.


Check out this Blog from Working Against Gravity on 10 simple strategies to getting a good night’s sleep.


Adapt and we will Overcome, Stronger Together!!!

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