CrossFit at any age

CrossFit at any age

Meet Con Maloney.


Con has been a member at CFWD for over 2 years. Age is definitely just a number where Con is concerned. Con is 62 years old , rocks an L-sit better then most and his Toes to Bar are second to none. When Con first heard about CrossFit, he thought it was just for the young , fit people, ( His words , not mine )  but now the young people are trying to keep up with Con

In the 2 years + Con has been with us . he has taken part in “Battle Cancer” Competition and 3 CrossFit Opens.

Con is rocking it at 62 !!!!


Think you are too old to start CrossFit ??? Con says no way !!!

con and gang

I heard about Crossfit from my son and some younger friends at work. I thought it was for the young and fit.

I was into running and cycling but read that resistance type exercise was needed as you headed into ‘old’ age to counteract fat accumulation and reverse the loss of three to eight percent of muscle mass per decade.

I was dropping a bicycle off for a service in the M4 Business Park and noticed CrossFit West Dublin (CFWD) just opposite and decided to pop over.


I met Lorna and she said she would appraise my fitness via a number of 1:1 sessions.

Even though I was doing exercises for the first time ever such as squats, rowing, wall balls, dumb bells etc. I found it easy to adapt. Everything went well and I decided to sign up for the regular classes.

That was 2.5 years ago and I’m hooked!

battle cancer 4

The best thing about the classes is that they are all supervised by experienced trainers and exercises can be scaled to suit.

That means that you don’t get injured trying to lift a weight that’s too heavy or that you can row instead of run etc.

Drop In


Also, there are people in the classes from teenagers to people like me in their 60’s and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Nobody gets judged on their ability as there is always an alternative scaled exercise to do.

Everybody is very welcoming of new members and it feels like a family to me at this stage.

Thus , one can pop into a local CrossFit Box anywhere in the world and kip fit while on holidays or travelling and you will be welcomed there. The movements are the same. I had to spend 8 months in Switzerland in 2018 and joined the local box there. Due to the training I received at CFWD , I was able to jump straight into classes there.


CrossFit is for all ages , shapes and sizes!!


Go on , Give it a Go “



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