The CFWD Breakfast Club

The CFWD Breakfast Club


As you all know at CFWD we are a Nutrition First gym !!! We love our food and we love our community, so when those things are combined it is an amazing experience!!!

So in December 2018 Coach Scot had an idea of the breakfast club!!!  It was a great idea (don’t  tell him I said that lol)

This is Coach Scot , taking on the first breakfast club in September 2018.

scot bclub

So what is The Breakfast Club ?

bclub 3

The breakfast club is a community event that we run at CFWD. It began in September 2018 and has ran nearly every month since.  Every member in the gym is invited.  We try and have our breakfast club monthly ( The first Saturday of the month)  This is sometimes not possible with other events happening in the gym.

What happens at the Breakfast Club ?

Every Month a different Member or coach volunteers to cook breakfast for all our other members and coaches . The breakfast club is held upstairs in the gym in our mini kitchen.

bclub 4

The cook of the month always comes early to prepare the mighty feed for the hungry athletes after they have finished their Saturday Session at the gym. The best thing is you don’t have to train at the session. You can just come along for the grub and great company!!! and you can bring your kiddies if you like.


All you have to do is bring yourself and a €5.00 charge for the Chef or Chefs.


This is one of our favourite events at the gym each month. If you are a newer member it is a great way to get to know everyone and get a good feed in also :)

Eating great food with great people, What could be better than that !!!!

bclub1bclub 2bclub 5breakfast club 1





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