Meet Sean Lacey !!!

Meet Sean Lacey !!!

Sean has been a member at CFWD since August 2013. Sean is the our longest running member to date !!!! He is Awesome.

Sean is like part of the furniture at CFWD and he is sorely missed when he is not at class. Sean is so supportive of everyone in the gym and always makes a massive effort to make our newer members feel welcome or offer them advice .

It is because of our long time members like Sean that the community we have at CFWD is so powerful. Thank you for all you do Sean. Here’s to the next 7 years!!

So why is Sean still excited to train at CFWD nearly 8 years later ??


Constantly Varied, Functional Movements done at high Intensity

Here I am in my 7th year  and the varied movements are still varied, only last week we had a WOD( workout of the day)  with a Pull-up, high knees complex.

Speaking of pull-ups this was something I could only dream of doing when I started way back then, but more on that later.

I enquired about the foundation class a week before my 40th birthday and despite many years of boring gym visits, money wasted on personal trainers I was totally out of shape, overweight and fairly unfit, my diet was ok or so I thought. I admit I was pushed to join as I thought (at the time) I was doing enough in the gym If had been really honest with myself I never enjoyed it and I wasn’t seeing any benefit. The foundation classes were an eye opener for me, brutally tough but in a good way. I had sore muscles in places I had never experienced soreness before and had only barely recovered before the next session. I must admit I wavered a bit about committing to full time classes after the foundation classes but never have I made such a great decision. I can honestly say it changed my life, I don’t think my fitness levels have ever been at the levels they are now. With a history of heart disease in my family getting my fitness to the level it is now is very important to me and my family.

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It’s not just fitness, there was and still is a big focus on nutrition, I was straight into the “Zone” diet that even though was tough to follow it was a great education for me, I think I lost 5 kg on the first one and I think similar on the challenges since. The nutrition challenges are something I always look out for even now, I am still learning  and it’s great to be able to help the newer members. Last year I got to a weight on the scales that I don’t think I saw since I was a teenager and to a body fat level I never dreamed of a few years back.


The classes are enjoyable, never boring. Everyone gives their all. The movements are customised to suit all levels, from the total newbies to the elite athletes and everyone in between. It doesn’t get any easier as you progress you just better and stronger and push yourself more. There were movements I could only dream about doing when I started and now there are part of the course for me. Rope Climbs and Hand Stand Push-Ups were 2 that I was in awe of people doing as was something as simple as a pull-up. My fitness has increased no-end, particularly in the last 2 to 3  years. One example is the classic Crossfit workout Murph: 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups and 300 air-squats sandwiched between 2 mile runs. First time I did it I scaled to ½ Murph (½ reps with banded pull-ups and push-ups on knees), then full scaled Murph with same scales. The last 2 times I have done it in full (without vest) and my times were actually quicker than my scaled time.


Probably the most surprising beneficial aspect of my Crossfit experience is the social aspect of it, it has given me a lot of confidence in my dealings with others outside of the box. You are not just hiding in a corner of a gym on your own, you are part of the experience. It’s been very beneficial for my mental health well-being as well as my physical. There’s no better feeling than throwing a barbell or dumbbell around after a crappy day in the office.

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Lorna and Scot have been a constant as coaches for the 7 years and it’s great to see them constantly bettering themselves by doing new courses. That ethos has transferred to the other coaches and also the athletes, everyone wants to be a better version of themselves and this is really promoted by everyone. The atmosphere is second to none and there is always banter to be had with the coaches and with the other members. There are a lot of great people in the box that I am proud to call my friends. Despite that there is also a competitive edge, in a good way, to the classes and it’s great to look at some of the scores on the whiteboard and aim to equal if not better them. It certainly pushes you a lot more than the equivalent hour spent in the gym!!

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