The Autumn 800 Gram Challenge

BlogPost_WordPress_Option2Following the 800 Gram Challenge in May, we are about to start another Challenge this month on Monday the 9th of September.

There are a couple of differences between these two challenges that is worth thinking about. The first one being the time of year, we have moved from Summer, into Autumn. This brings with it a change in Veggies and Fruits that are “in season” and will no doubt see more Soups and Stews instead of Salads and Barbecues.

As the kids go back to school this is also a time of year were we become more susceptible to colds, coughs and flu’s as the kids tend to pick up bugs and virus’s from schools.

Bolstering our immune system with added vitamins and nutrients will help strengthen our immune system and stave off these cold symptoms that can keep us out of the gym, and away from training. Being and feeling ill, does not only impact our ability to perform in the gym but also in our everyday life. Illness, can affect our output at work, strain our relationships at home and generally make us feel like crap.

The 800 Gram Challenge as well as ensuring we are getting our daily fix of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables that support a healthy diet, will also help build our immune system as our bodies need the extra Vitamins and Minerals particularly at this time of year. Making our immune system stronger to cope with the extra work it may have to do this time of year.
For those who have not participated in this Challenge before, you will be reassured to know that it is NOT restrictive at all. It is simply making sure that you eat 800 Grams of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables a day, along with what you would eat normally. Those who have done this previously have found the simplicity of the Challenge, is what makes it work so well.

There are a number of diets out there, that can offer many things that are also quite complex and can be hard to work into your lifestyle and other responsibilities you may have outside of the gym.
These can be a bigger Challenge than the actual diet/lifestyle change required. I say lifestyle change because depending on what level of the spectrum you embark on, or what your expectations of implementing a new way of eating may be, it will mean change. It’s the level of change you and those close to you are prepared to, or can make, that will result in weather one of the more complex diets is for you, in the longer term.

These more complex diets we would suggest are more for those who train regularly and need to ensure their energy systems are refuelled and ready for the next training session, this would be their main focus. The only thing you are required to count is your Fruit and Veg quantities – simple. This is a great platform to start with, and will indirectly help raise awareness of what you are actually eating. If diet and nutrition is something that you are interested in this is the right place to start.
Nutrition underpins all physical performance, no matter where you are on your journey, it is all relative to each individual. The saying “you cannot out train a bad diet” still stands true.

The theoretical development of an athlete

It is fantastic that you come to the gym 3 times a week, but you can do some much more for your own physical, mental and emotional relationships with Food, starting with the 800 Gram Challenge.

For more information about what is involved and to sign up , head over to our Nutrition page on our website by clicking in the picture below.



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