Orla achieved her goals and then some !!!!

Orla achieved her goals and then some !!!!

Success in CFWD come in many forms… sometimes it’s about how it makes you feel!

At CFWD we are more than just a place where you come to get fit – we are a place where you make friends, where you feel safe, where you are supported by the community on your journey to achieve your goals. We are a place where your dreams can come true.

You see, CFWD is so much more than just four walls – our entire team, Coaches and community alike, help to guide and inspire you to be a better version of yourself – physically, mentally and emotionally.

This is exactly what helped Orla Briody get her life back. Orla joined us in September 2018 with a goal of being bikini ready for a girls’ weekend in June 2019. Orla had also had a pretty crappy year and wanted something to help her feel good again.

Orla began her journey with us by signing up for her Beginners Passport. From her very first session Orla gave everything she had and totally embraced her journey. Orla started attending three classes a week and then four and before we knew it she had become part of the furniture here at CFWD.

Orla took part in our first Nutrition challenge of 2019 with Optimize Me Nutrition and absolutely smashed it. Orla and Martin (her husband) were all over it, prepping and planning their healthy meals, focussing on consistency rather than perfection!


Although Orla lost over a stone in weight,  and we could really  see her performance in the gym start to improve massively, but that wasn’t the best thing that happened. The best and most rewarding result is that Orla walks around now with such confidence, she is happy, she is proud of herself, she is doing things she never thought she would do.

So Orla reached her goal and then some !!!!

Orla tagged us in a post while she was on her Girls weekend . It was a video of her dancing away in her swimsuit, oozing with confidence.  This made all our coaches’ hearts happy. This is the reason we do what we do.

In the words of Orla

“YES!! Happiness is being content in your own skin. I’ve worked hard & pushed myself beyond the limits I ever thought I be able to reach. I’m now enjoying the time out which I set has a Goal, on a catamaran on the Mediterranean with the Gals.”

IMG-20190608-WA0000   Well done Orla, you are AWESOME!!!!!


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