Don’t let your Fitness slide this Summer!!!

Don’t let your Fitness slide this Summer!!!

With a warm sunny Summer hopefully just around the corner, school holidays, BBQs, festivals, beach days and generally just getting outside to enjoy the bright warm weather all impact our schedules and it’s very easy to let getting to the gym slide down the list of priorities!

Think about all of the work you have put in to your training over the last few months, do you really want to let that go? Don’t use the Summer as an excuse, why not use it as a reason to make an extra effort? If you are normally a 7.30pm creature of habit but find that it’s more difficult to get to the gym at that time during the Summer, why not get up an hour or so early (it’s bright now before 5am!!). We have classes every morning at 05.30 am and 6.30 am starting just when the kids finish School on Monday the 1st of July.

Saturday and Sunday mornings are also a great time to catch up with your buddies from the box, have a laugh and get some good training in before heading off to enjoy your day!

Don’t let your fitness slide this Summer – build a new habit now and you will feel SO much better for it!

Join our morning crew for a workout , look how happy they are :)


morning crew


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