Orla achieved her goals and then some !!!!

Orla achieved her goals and then some !!!!

Success in CFWD come in many forms… sometimes it’s about how it makes you feel! At CFWD we are more than just a place where you come to get fit – we are a place where you make friends, where you feel safe, where you are supported by the community on your journey to achieve your goals. We are a place where your dreams can come true. You see, CFWD is so much more than just four walls – our […]

CFWD Teen Nutrition

Hi Everyone We are delighted to announce that we are now affiliated the The Brand X Method and that we are the second Brand X Method training centre in Ireland. The first question we ask ourselves as a Brand X Training Centre is “what is best for kids” ? At CFWD we don’t only look our Teen’s fitness , we focus on the whole package. What we know that is best for our kids is to educate them on making […]

Don’t let your Fitness slide this Summer!!!

With a warm sunny Summer hopefully just around the corner, school holidays, BBQs, festivals, beach days and generally just getting outside to enjoy the bright warm weather all impact our schedules and it’s very easy to let getting to the gym slide down the list of priorities! Think about all of the work you have put in to your training over the last few months, do you really want to let that go? Don’t use the Summer as an excuse, […]

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