Are you Egg-cited for Easter?

Are you Egg-cited for Easter?

We’re two weeks out from the start of our next Nutrition Challenge – who’s in???

There’s a pretty big chocolate shaped bridge that we need to cross to get there though and it’s called Easter! This means school holidays and maybe some time off work ourselves perhaps, with a slight relaxing of our normal routines.

While taking some time to relax, unwind and really enjoy a break from routine is hugely important to recharge us, it can also be challenging to stay on track of our health and fitness goals when our routine is out of sync.

What it also means is being surrounded at every corner of the supermarket by those oh-so-tempting towering walls of Easter Eggs and is it just me or is the selection of “even bigger”, “super-sized”, “double thickness” eggs getting bigger by the year?

Before knocking down that wall of eggs to get to your favourite, let’s take stock of the progress you have achieved in the last few months in the Box – we kicked off the year with our first Nutrition Challenge of 2019 and what a success it was! We saw so many firsts over the last several months which makes us burst with pride to see you reaping the rewards from your hard work and dedication both in and out of the gym. Let’s not forget the most amazing five weeks of the Open, where so many of you have come out at the other end buzzing, happy and more determined than ever to work on those goals and of course, more recently we had the launch of our Benchmark Series to help you focus on those areas of weakness!

To help you not lose sight of your health and fitness goals over the next couple of weeks and stay on track with the amazing progress you have made, here are a few tips from the Coaches:

  • Remember the Box is open every day except Easter Sunday
  • Why not sign into classes now – make the commitment to yourself & stick to it!
  • Afraid you’ll fall into a chocolate frenzy? If you want to have an Easter Egg, have an Easter Egg but make the decision and own it rather than allowing sugar cravings or the feeling of missing out to control you.
  • Be mindful about your overall caloric and macronutrient intake – Easter Eggs have a whopping fat and sugar content. Fat itself is not bad but it is calorie dense (also really yummy!) and very easy to overeat!
  • Try to go for a dark chocolate option as it is high in antioxidants and minerals – also you’re likely to eat less of it!
  • Challenge yourself to do something new over the next two weeks – whether it is to go for a hike, take up journaling, try some meditation, work on your mobility or cook a delicious meal from scratch using whole, nutritious ingredients – whatever you do, share your pics on the members page, we love being inspired!
  • The weather forecast looks great for the end of the week so plan to get outside – fresh air, vitamin D and movement will get those endorphins flowing!

Box Opening hours 

Friday – 05.45 am , 06.45 am , 10.00 am , 4.30 pm , 5.30 pm , 6.30 pm ( Open Gym )

Saturday – 9.30 am , 10.30 am ( R8 Weightlifting club ) 12.30 pm ( Teens)

Sunday – Closed

Monday – 10.00 am, 11.00 am , 12.00pm – Open Gym

For more details of our nutrition challenge check out this link

Spring into Summer Nutrition Challenge

Enjoy your break – we’re looking forward to seeing you in the box over the next few weeks!


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